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The wartime Starflex is a Japanese 6×6 TLR camera advertised by Ueda Shashinki-ten from 1940 to 1943.[1]


The wartime Starflex was much inspired by the Rolleicord. The focusing is done by moving the front plate back and forth. The film advance is probably semi-automatic. The focusing and advance knobs are on the photographer's right, and there is a round window at the top of the right-hand side plate, certainly for an exposure counter. The focusing knob is surrounded by a depth-of-field plate. It seems that the release lever is under the shutter casing. The nameplate has stepped sides and is inscribed STARFLEX and something else in smaller letters.

Advertisements and other documents[]

The camera was listed for ¥252 in the official list of set prices compiled in October 1940 and published in January 1941.[2] It was offered in advertisements by Ueda Shashinki-ten dated December 1940, January and November 1941 (only the latter has a picture), with a Star Anastigmat f/3.5 lens and a Star-Rapid shutter giving B, 1–500.[3] The price was ¥230 and rose to ¥269 in a later advertisement.[4]

The "Kokusan shashinki no genjōchōsa" ("Inquiry into Japanese cameras"), listing Japanese camera production as of April 1943, still mentioned the camera with a Star 75/3.5 three-element lens, made by Takahashi and a Patent Mars shutter giving T, B, 1–250 speeds, made by Mars.[5] The name of the camera manufacturer itself is unfortunately missing from the document, it was perhaps Takahashi which also made the Star Semi.

No surviving example has been observed so far.


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The camera is not listed in Sugiyama.


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