Staeble was a German company. Founded in 1908 by the famous German scientist, physicist and mathematician Dr. Staeble, it made lenses for cameras, projectors and enlargers. It was based in Munich. 1944 it had to move to Schongau. In 1958 it belonged to salesman Otto Friedl and his wife, and was named Dr. Staeble, Friedl & Co. KG. It was also known as Staeble-Werk or Dr. Staeble. It was bought by Agfa in 1969.


  • Kata
  • Kataplast
  • Lineogon
  • Plast Anastigmat
  • Telexon- with a 1:5.6/85 lens. 39mm fitting for Braun Paxette.
  • Staeble also produced a series of lenses to fit Leica screw cameras that were produced in small quantities and are now quite rare, and consist of :-
  • 35mm f3.5 Linegon-L
  • 35mm f3.5 Super-Choro-L
  • 50mm f2.8 Trigon-L
  • 85mm f5.6 Telon. 39mm fitting for Braun Paxette.
  • 90mm f5.6 Telexon-L
  • 135mm f3.8 Telexon-L

Lens kit[]


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