Spartus Six Twenty is a medium format pseudo TLR , manufactured by Herold Mfg. Co. Chicago, IL, USA.

Film format is roll 620 film for 6x6cm. exposures, as the name implies. The camera body is plastic and its appearance looks like a TLR but it has pseudo twin lens cause no coupling of the taking and viewing lens. Viewfinder is not a true reflex finder with a ground glass indicating the focus, but an oversized brilliant reflector type waist level finder. The lens is fixed focus type. Shutter is a simple one speed rotary type. Indeed, these features indicate a box camera. It has flash sync for dedicated Spartus F605 bulb flash unit.

Some dark-plastic "Six Twenty" models resemble the Spartus Full-Vue—a clear ancestor—but use the same body molds as the gray version.

In the surprising world of Chicago camera brands, the Spartus Six Twenty may also appear under other names, such as Sunbeam.

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