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Japanese camera magazines[]

Nihon no shashin/kamera zasshi[]

Shirayama Mari (白山眞理). "Nihon no shashin/kamera zasshi" (日本の写真・カメラ雑誌). Nihon shashin-shi gaisetsu (日本写真史概説, "An outline history of photography in Japan"). Tokyo: Iwanami, 1999. ISBN 4-00-008381-3. Pp. 38–43. (Template:Jmags-gaisetsu)

Short descriptions of each of many Japanese photographic magazines. This would later be expanded as Shashin zasshi no kiseki and "Major Photography Magazines" in Japanese and English respectively.

Shashin zasshi no kiseki[]

Shirayama Mari (白山眞理). Shashin zasshi no kiseki (写真雑誌の奇跡, "Traces of camera magazines"). Tokyo: JCII Library, 2001. (Template:Jmags-kiseki)

An illustrated booklet with a short but informative description of each of each of almost fifty Japanese photography magazines. This is the catalogue of an exhibition marking the tenth anniversary of the JCII Library, Tokyo. The booklet lacks an ISBN and is probably only sold by JCII; copies are still (2007) available.
This booklet is an expanded version of Shirayama's "Nihon no shashin/kamera zasshi" (日本の写真・カメラ雑誌). Much but not all of the content of this booklet also appears in Shirayama's "Major Photography Magazines".

Major photography magazines[]

Shirayama Mari. "Major Photography Magazines." In The History of Japanese Photography, ed. Ann Wilkes Tucker, et al. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2003. ISBN 0-300-09925-8. Pp. 378–85. (Template:Jmags-major)

Information about each of forty or so Japanese photography magazines; abridged as well as translated from Shirayama's Shashin zasshi no kiseki.