• Type: viewfinder folding camera
  • Manufacturer: Franka
  • Year of launch: 1952
  • Film: Type No. 120 film rolls
  • Frame size: 6x6cm
  • Lens: Frankar Anastigmat 1:4.5 F=75mm V, or Frankar Anastigmat 1:6.3 F=75mm, or Frankar Anastigmat 1:5.6 F=75mm, or Frankar Anastigmat 1:3.5 F=75mm V
  • Shutter: Vario with speeds 1/200, 1/100, 1/50, 1/25 sec. and B, release button on camera top, or similar Pronto shutter
  • Viewfinder: telescopic finder in top
  • Film advance: Thumb wheel on top

The camera has an interlock which prevents the shutter being pressed unless it is wound on. A cable release could be used which would bypass this. The lens opens when you press the button on the left hand side. (viewed from rear.) Some models of this camera were made in the US Zone of occupied post war Germany, and this is marked on the back.


  • Advance film to next shot number visible through rear window.
  • Cock shutter.
  • Focus, either by guessing or with a range finder accessory.
  • Set aperture and shutter speed. (use light meter).
  • Fire shutter with shutter release button or cable release


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