Skanhex Technology Inc. is a maker of digital players and digital cameras, "located in the Silicon Valley of Taiwan, Hsinchu" [Skanhex]. It was founded in 1997. It has a big factory in Shenzhen, China, which produced 150.000 cameras per month in 2001, and it owns the camera maker Sinpo Optical Co., Ltd. (Taichung, TW). Sinpo is developing cameras and even owns several patents. It is older than Skanhex and entered the group as the specialist for analog cameras. It used lenses of Kintin Optotronic Co., Ltd..

Skanhex produces its cameras on demand for the brands of other companies. It claims to have worked for Kodak, Canon, Nikon, and Minolta. Obviously it made also cameras for the German distributors Jenoptik, Medion and Yakumo.



  • Skanhex SX-150z
  • Minolta Dimâge 2300
  • Minolta Dimâge 2330 Zoom ( = Skanhex SX-230z )
  • Jenoptik JD 2300 z3 ( = Skanhex SX-230z )
  • Jenoptik JD-350 Entrance ( = Skanhex SX-35f )
  • Yakumo Mega-Image 410 ( = Skanhex SX-413z8 )
  • Skanhex SX-520z
  • Jenoptik JD 5200 z3 ( = Skanhex SX-520z)
  • Medion MD 41066 ( = Skanhex SX-524z3 )
  • Jenoptik JD 5.2z3 ( = Skanhex SX-626z3 )
  • Medion MD 40696 ( = Skanhex SX-626z3 )


  • Sinpo AF
  • Sinpo SX-410z3


  • Skanhex has a non-recommendable homepage full of advertising links and no information about the company.