The Gossen Sixtomat is a sample for a quite exciting old quality selenium meter for amateurs. After having preselected the film's ASA with the selector inside the knob on the side and having opened the rouleau cover of the instrument the light measuring can be done by pointing with the photo cell's window towards the image subject. Then the knob must be turned until the diagonal line matches the actual position of the instrument's needle. When the middle of the diagonal line is exactly under the needle the scales above the instrument show a set of appropriate shutter-speed/aperture value-combinations. When the needle is over one end of the diagonal line the scales show values for either slight under- or slight over-exposure.

Behind the door in the bottom is a kind of color measuring feature, Gossen's so-called Color Finder (Light temperature measuring). A Sixtomat with Color Finder is a perfect toy to play the game "What's it good for?".

A chain may be attached as carrying handle to the Sixtomat.

The Sixon is a variant with LV scale instead of match-needle scale. Thus it allows faster operations for those who just need to know the light value for making correct exposure settings. It has the Color Finder gimmick in the side.


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