Siluet Elektro (initially called Vilia Elektro) was made by the Soviet company BelOMO in Minsk, Belorussia from 1975 (1976?) to 1981. Siluet Elektro is a compact manual focus viewfinder camera, simply a version of the Vilia with automatic exposure control.
The camera has nearly the same external appearance as its predecessor and is equipped with the same lens, a simple 40 mm f/4 triplet called the Triplet 69-3. The lens is similarly focused manually from 0.8 m to infinity, symbols on the distance scale help to assess correct distance for given subjects (portrait, group portrait, group, landscape). A two leaf shutter and a four leaf diaphragm are located just behind the lens.
Siluet is however fitted with a CdS exposure meter located in the lens housing, just above the front element, connected to the automatic system controlling shutter speed in aperture priority mode. Appropriate film speed from 16 to 250 ASA has to be set with a ring on the lens. Then the user has only to manually set any aperture from 4 to 16 and the camera automatically adjusts shutter speed within the 8 s to 1/250 s range. Weather symbols (e.g. sun, light clouds, heavy clouds etc.) placed on the diaphragm ring help to choose aperture appropriate for given lighting conditions. An orange light in the viewfinder signals shutter speed longer than 1/30 s, while a red light warns when 1/250 s shutter speed is not short enough for correct exposure and the aperture has to be decreased. Aperture can be also manually set from 4 to 16 in B or flash modes, the latter offering fixed 1/30 s shutter speed.
Siluet Elektro is powered by a single 4RC53 battery, which can be replaced by four PX625 (or equivalent) batteries.


  • Film type: 135
  • Frame size: 24x36 mm
  • Lens: Triplet 69-3, 40 mm f/4
  • Angle of view: 57 deg.
  • Shutter: leaf, electronically controlled
  • Shutter speed range: 8 s – 1/250 s, B
  • Apertures: 4 – 16
  • Exposure range: 1 – 16 EV
  • Minimal focusing distance: 0.8 m
  • Flash sync: full
  • Film advance: manual
  • Filter thread: M46x0.75 mm
  • Tripod thread: 1/4"
  • Dimensions: 128x80x70 mm
  • Weight: <410 g (w/o batteries)


  • Siluet Elektro user manual