The cast metal 35mm viewfinder camera Sida for shooting 25x25mm images onto paper-backed 32mm "Sida" rollfilm was made in 1936 by Sida Gesellschaft fur photographische Apparate m.b.H., Berlin, Germany. The Sida Extra was a bakelite variant. Especially bakelite variants were also made by "Sida Cameras Ltd." in London, Great Britain and Guiseppe Pozzoli in Milan, Italy. The camera had a simple single-speed shutter with instant (~1/50sec) and bulb (B) mode, a 35mm f/8 meniscus lens, a little optical viewfinder and a red window. The Sida company in Germany was founded by Fitz Kaftanski, but he avoided to be mentioned in official company registration documents since it was 1934 in Germany. He had to be careful because of anti-Jewish German laws of that time. So a manager of Kaftanski's company Minifex and another companion became the registered chiefs of Sida. 1935 the company was sold. After the war Kaftanski revived the camera Sida as Sidax which was produced in Paris, France.


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