The N&G Sibyl was a strut folder with folding bed, made by Newman & Guardia. The sample shown above has a Newton type finder. Others had brilliant finders. The sample above has a versatile shutter with seven speeds from 1/2 to 1/100 seconds. It has a Cooke 4.4inch f/6.5 lens (patents by H.D. Taylor). In the front end of the folding bed is a focusing lever to focus between 2 yards and infinity. In 1914 a 6.5x9cm variant and a quarter plate version were made and marketed as New Ideal Sibyl. The predecessing versions were ordinary, special and Imperial Sibyl. Some of the cameras got a Protar, a Tessar or the superb Ross Xpres lens. The Baby Sibyl was a smaller 4.5x6cm variant with Ross Xpres f/4.5 75mm plus alternate Dallmeyer Dallon Tele-Anastigmat 5.3 inch lens. The flagship was the Rangefinder Sibyl with coupled rangefinder. Another variant was the Rollfilm Sibyl. The Sibyl Excelsior was an advanced rollfilm version with faster more reliable shutter. Film pack adapters were common accessories for these cameras.

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