Shashin Shinpō (写真新報) was one of the oldest and longest running names among Japan's photography magazines. The title means "photographic news", and The Photographic News is displayed as an extra title on the February 1895 issue.[1]

Itself the descendant of magazines dating as far back as 1874, Shashin Shinpō and its two successors of the same title lasted almost sixty years from 1882.

The first series was published by Chōyōsha (朝陽社) and edited by Fukasawa Yōkitsu (深沢要橘), and ran from September 1882 through an eighteenth issue dated September 1884. The publisher depended heavily on reports from the US by the US-resident photographer Ogawa Kazuma (小川一真). A second series was edited by Ogawa after his return to Japan; it was published by Hakubundō (博文堂) from a February 1889 through a September 1896 issue.

A third series was sponsored by Asanuma Shōkai, published by Shashin Shinpō-sha (写真新報社) and again edited by Fukasawa; it started with a November 1896 issue and presented translations, expert commentary, and notable photographs. The magazine ran through changes in format in 1923 and 1928 through a last issue dated December 1940, when the magazine was forced to merge with others.


  1. Cover reproduced within Shashin zasshi no kiseki.