Shashin Bunka (写真文化 in present-day script, 寫眞文化 in the script of the time, meaning "photographic culture") is a Japanese magazine of photography that ran from 1941 to 1943 (and, retitled, until 1945).

Ars was directed to consolidate the magazines Camera, Shashin Salon and Camera Club: the result was Shashin Bunka, whose first issue is dated January 1941 and whose first editor was Kitahara Tetsuo (北原鉄雄), assisted by all three editors of the earlier publications. It initiated the first notable Japanese photographic award, the Ars Photographic Culture Award (アルス写真文化賞, Arusu shashin bunka-shō), although this was only presented once, to Domon Ken (土門拳) in 1942.

In November 1943, the magazine was retitled Shashin Kagaku (写真科学 in today's script, 寫眞科学 in older script, meaning "photographic science") and publishing was taken over by the company Kitahara Shuppan (北原出版). The last issue is dated May–June 1945.

Ars Camera was quick to return after the war, its first issue dated January 1946; Shashin Salon returned from a September 1951 issue; and Camera Club was again briefly the name of a magazine from January 1953.


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