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The Semi Blond (セミ・ブロンド) is a Japanese 4.5×6 folding camera, briefly advertised in 1951 by Endō Kamera-ten.

Description of the body[]

No surviving example has been observed so far. The description is based on the advertising picture.

The Semi Blond is a vertical folder with straight diagonal struts. There is a top housing containing the viewfinder and supporting the advance knob and shutter release at the left end, the accessory shoe on the left of the finder and the folding bed release and another knob (probably fake) at the right end. The name BLOND is embossed in the front leather.

Lens and shutter equipment[]

An advertisement in the April 1951 issue of Asahi Camera[1] offered the Semi Blond for ¥8,000 — case included. The lens was announced as a Seriter[2] f/3.5 and the shutter has B, 1–200 speeds, is synchronized and equipped with a self-timer. Endō was mentioned as the distributor, and the name of the manufacturer was not given.


  1. Advertisement reproduced in Kokusan kamera no rekishi, p. 178.
  2. Inferred from the katakana セリター and from the occurrence of the Seriter lens name on other camera models.


The Semi Blond is not listed in Sugiyama.