Dinky, delicate but delightful.

The Seagull 4A is a 6×6 TLR camera for 120 roll film made in Shanghai, China by the Shanghai Camera Factory. It was introduced in the late 1960s to complement the 1964 Seagull 4, and is reputedly still in production 40 years later.

The Seagull 4A have right-hand wind-on crank with automatic frame counter, and it may be considered a Rolleiflex copy, but with 34mm filter threads only. The fixed finder hood, which has the Seagull logo on top, consists of two parts that open and folds without trouble. It has a built-in action finder and a critical focusing magnifier. The finder screen is plain without any special focusing aids. The finder optic is a nameless serial numbered 1:2.8 / 75 lens, while the taking optic is a HAIOU-31 SA- eight digit serial numbered 1:3.5 / 75 coated lens.

A special feature is the depth-of-field scale within the focusing knob. The five bladed fully synchronised leaf-shutter has B and 1 to 1/300 sec. speeds. The PC sync. contact is at the lower left-hand front, and the threaded release button is at the lower right-hand front. Below the taking lens is a small self-timer lever. The to sliding knobs surrounding the same are the shutter speed and aperture selectors. The camera face beneath the taking lens is inscribed in Chinese and English, the latter reading Shanghai China. The Rollei-style nameplate in front of the finder hood is inscribed "海鸥" - Haiou - Seagull in Chinese.

The camera has a similar back-door locking device to the Rolleiflexes on the base, with a ¼ inch tripod mounting thread. The camera stands at four short studs. The back-hinges, with strap fixing-studs, extends almost to the front, are adorned with black stripes, and are secured by two screws either side. The serial number is engraved on the top in front of the finder hood. Cameras for the local market has a hole drilled and filled with red paint after the serial number. The camera comes with a sturdy hard leather ever-ready case and carrying strap with special hooks.


A similar camera to the Seagull was sold by the German mail-order house Foto-Quelle as Revue 6x6.

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