The Sanyo Xacti J2 is a handsome fast digital compact camera with prism zoom lens, optical zoom viewfinder and built-in flash. It has a macro mode for distances down to 2 cm, a high-ISO recording mode for videos in full VGA format, and several control LEDs above the TFT color LCD screen on the back. Lens and finder front element are hidden behind a metal sliding door when the camera's switched off. The special prism type zoom lens has no telescopic barrel element to move out of the camera.

Controls are the main mode selection thumb-wheel around the shutter release button, a mode button, a menu button, a flash on/off button, the zoom Tele/Wide button and the typical digicam menu navigation facility. The selectable main modes are printing, photo/video w/o screen, photo/video with screen, off, review, maintenance, and data transfer. When switched to photo/video mode the sliding door opens very fast, and the camera can be operated soon. In maintenance mode a menu appears, in photo/video or review mode a menu can be opened with the menu button.

In photo/video mode three modes can be accessed by the mode button, single image, image series, and video are available. Macro, portrait and landscape focusing modes can be accessed pressing the lower arrow of the navigation facility. The main menu of the camera is the menu in photo/video mode, with choices for resolution, self-timer, jpeg-file-quality, sound recording setting, focusing mode, metering mode, white balance, ISO speed, "digital zoom", focus, and exposure correction. A basic menu can be chosen instead of that "expert" menu.

In review mode the mode button selects the kind of exposures to view: image, image series, or video. Then the menu offers some review and image management functions. In maintenance mode basic maintenance like date/time setting or memory card formatting can be done. Other settings are available through this menu, for example the choice of acoustic signals or the TV norm. The interface connector is both, a connector for digital image transfer via USB and for video signal transfer to a TV set. The camera needs a special "DB-L10" rechargeable 3.7 V lithium battery. A SD card serves as its image memory.


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