See also Sankyō Kōgaku, another Japanese lens maker.

Sankyō Kōki K.K. (三協光機㈱) was a Japanese optical company, which used the brand name Komura for a variety of lenses.

The company was already active in the early 1950s. Before the use of the Komura brand, it used the brand name Chibanon or Chibanone, notably supplying lenses to the Tōsei Kōki company. The Chibanon brand was retained for some time on enlarging lenses and projection lenses.[1]

Lens list Edit

Before Komura Edit

  • Chibanon or E-Chibanon[2] lenses for enlargement or general photography:
    • 50mm f/3.5, three or four elements, 1954–5[3][4][5]
    • 50mm f/2.8, five elements, 1954–5[3][4]
    • 75mm f/3.5, three or four elements, 1954–5[3][4]
    • 80mm f/3.5, three or four elements, 1954–5[3][4]
    • 80mm f/2.8, four elements, announced in 1955[3]
    • 105mm f/3.5, manufactured on demand, 1955[3]

Cameras equipped with early lenses by Sankyō Kōki:

  • some examples of the Semi Frank have an E. Chibanone lens (an early spelling variant);
  • Chibanon or Chibanone (チバノン) lenses were advertised on the Copenflex and Sanon Six;
  • another lens perhaps called Chibar (チバー) was advertised on the Sanon Six II.

Komura lenses Edit

Other products Edit

  • Permanent cable release, 1953:[6]
    • standard model, ¥150
    • for Leica, ¥200

Notes Edit

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Bibliography Edit

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