The Royal 35P was a fixed lens rangefinder camera made by Royal Camera of Tokyo from 1957, featuring:

  • Rangefinder-coupled Tomioka Tominor f1.9 / 45mm lens, to f16, with 40.5mm filter size.
  • Unmarked shutter with speeds: B, 1, 1/2, 1/5, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/300s.
  • 10-blade aperture diaphragm giving a nearly circular pupil.
  • Did not include non-coupled meter as found in the Royal 35M and 35LE.

The 35P was developed on the same chassis as the metered Royal 35M as a lower-featured variant. It had a long black-enameled central panel to camouflage its small rangefinder window and mimic contemporary cameras with brightline or parallax-compensating finder windows. A small round enameled Royal 'RC' badge on the front plate was added, in the style of Leica.

Variations[edit | edit source]

Royal Camera rebadged its equipment for sale by other distributors. The Royal 35P was also distributed as:

  • Brumberger catalog number 1561, with Brumberger Anastigmat 45mm / f2.8 or f3.5 lens, in North America;
  • Hanimex Holiday II, with Hanimar 45mm / f3.5 lens, by Hannes Import Export in Asia and Europe;
  • Hanimex C35 and D35, with Hanimar 45mm / f2.8 lens;
  • Hiyoca, with Kendor 45mm / f2.8 lens, by I S Photo in Japan;
  • Luxall, with Luxall 45mm / f2.8 lens;
  • Mansfield Skylark V, with Cimenar 45mm / f2.8 lens, for Mansfield Industries;
  • Ogikon 35P, with Ogikor 45mm / f1.9 lens, by Ogino Exporting in Japan;
  • Torca, with Torca Anastigmat 45mm / f3.5 lens, by Tor Optical Company, Ltd, of Tokyo, Japan;
  • Unicorn - 35 with Tominor 45mm / f1.9 lens.
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