This is not the Roll-Op by Plaubel.

The Rollop is a 1956 West German TLR made by Lipca. Contemporary camera ads price it at $119.50 or DM197 and boast about its f/2.8 taking lens.

The camera has a Prontor SVS shutter with speeds of 1–1/300s and B. Both lenses are Ennit 80mm f/2.8 of a four-element Tessar type, made by Enna in Munich. The camera has knob focusing and lever wind with automatic shutter cocking as on a Rolleiflex. The waist-level finder has a fresnel screen with split rangefinder and grid lines for easier composition. The camera has an EVS (light value) system, locking shutter speed and aperture, like that on the Flexaret VII. It can be switched off.

The image shows a simpler version with Pronto-SV shutter and Ennagon 1:3.5/7.5cm lenses.

LipcaRollop PICT4641

Lipca Rollop


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