The Rolleiflex SL35E[]

The Rolleiflex SL35E was a 35mm SLR released by Rollei in 1978, successor of the Rolleiflex SL35M and SL35ME.

It had an all new electronic vertically running focal plane shutter, with flash sync to 1/125, and a SiO2 meter with aperture priority or manual exposure. The shutter speed was indicated by LEDs in the finder. It could accept an external winder or motor drive. An almost identical body was sold under the name Voigtländer VSL 3-E. Both took Rolleiflex SL35 lenses, and were sold in chrome or black. They were built in Singapore as their predecessors.

The Rolleiflex SL35E was abandoned in 1981 when Rollei went bankrupt. They had to close the Singapore plant, and they dropped the mid range SLRs to concentrate on high end products such as the Rolleiflex SL2000F.

The Rolleiflex SL35 OE Dual[]

A variation called the Rolleiflex SL35 OE Dual was studied but its production was abandoned. It had both aperture priority and shutter priority modes, but would have required a change in the lens mount. Some people say the Vitoflex E was its Voigtländer equivalent, but Vitoflex E was more probably the name of a pre-release variant of the VSL 3-E.


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