The Prego Zoom introduced by Rollei in 1993 was a fairly standard autofocus compact zoom-lensed camera for 35mm film. Some (or possibly all) models have an auto-date function.


  • Lens: 35-70mm Schneider-Kreuznach AF-Variogon zoom with HFT coating and auto-makro function.
  • Film speed: DX Encoding.
  • Finder: Auto-zooming with framelines, parallax reminders, LED warnings.
  • LCD shows frame number, focal length, and icons for several modes: auto, red-eye reduction, self-timer, forced fill-in, slow-synch night flash, disabled flash, macro.
  • "Snap" mode for rapid action.
  • Integrated flash.
  • Film advance: Auto-load, wind and rewind. Mid-roll rewind also available.
  • Power: One CR123 lithium battery.