The Roll Film Seneca was made by Seneca. It was a folding bed viewfinder camera, available in different sizes for

  • No. 210 Vulcan Film (No.1 Rollfilm Seneca),
  • No. 232 Vulcan Film (No.1A Rollfilm Seneca),
  • No. 236 Vulcan Film (No.3 Rollfilm Seneca), and
  • No. 244 Vulcan Film (No.3A Rollfilm Seneca)

film rolls. It had facilities to ease film exchange, a metal key in the middle of the back as lock of the camera back, and spool pins that could be pulled out of the camera body to release the film spools. It had a reflecting type viewfinder which was 90 degrees turnable for horizontal exposures. The camera allowed raising or lowering the lens.

The better variants of the Roll Film Seneca had a f6.3 Anastigmat lens and an Optimo five-blade shutter for several speeds up to 1/300 sec.. These were named Special Roll Film Seneca, with Velostigmat f6.3 lens or Bausch & Lomb Zeiss Tessar Anastigmat IIb f6.3 lens. The prices were between 39 and 45 US-Dollars.

The common Rollfilm Senecas had an f7.5 Anastigmat lens, and a Victo shutter or an Autic shutter. They were sold at prices ranging from 20 to 27.50 US-Dollars.

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