Template:Japanese postwar 6×6 TLR (M–Z) The Rolex is a Japanese 6×6 TLR. It is attributed to Toyo Seiko by Sugiyama, probably because of the name similarity with the Rolex 35 III which has a "Toyo Seiko" engraving.[1]


The Rolex is a copy of the Ricohflex III and followers. It has externally geared lenses for focusing, and a knob on the photographer's right for film advance. The shutter release is at the bottom of the front plate, actuated by the photographer's right hand. There is a PC synch post on the opposite side. The viewing hood contains a large optical sportsfinder, perhaps of the Albada type with a semi-silvered front element. The name ROLEX is inscribed in capital letters on a nameplate above the front plate.

The only example observed so far is pictured in Sugiyama. It reportedly has an NKS-TB shutter giving B, 1–200 speeds and C. Master Anastigmat 80/3.5 lenses.[2]


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The Rolex TLR is not listed in Kokusan kamera no rekishi.