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The Rionflex is a Japanese 6×6 pseudo TLR, perhaps made by a company called Niishin Riken Kogyo. It is only known from Sugiyama.[1] The intended name was perhaps "Lionflex", which would be pronounced the same by Japanese locutors, and which the company perhaps spelt "Rionflex" by mistake.


The Rionflex has a box-shaped bakelite body. The camera takes 620 film[2] and the advance knob is on the right-hand side. The shutter release in above the front standard. The name RIONFLEX is moulded on the viewing hood and at the top of the front plate. It is also written on one of the lens caps. The lens is fixed-focus and the company name NIISHIN RIKEN KOGYO is written above the taking lens. Two small wheels are visible next to the taking lens, certainly controlling the speed and aperture: f/8 and f/11 aperture settings and B, 25, 50, 100 speed settings are reported.[3]


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This camera is not listed in Kokusan kamera no rekishi.