The Ricoh R1 is a compact and light weight 35mm autofocus point & shoot camera produced in 1994. It was also sold as a Rollei Prego Micron, featuring a different front housing and Schneider labled lens. The camera has a panorama abilty which switches between the 30mm and 24mm lens, some people modify their cameras to they can shoot at the 24mm focal length with the panorama curtains removed. The Ricoh R1 was awarded the "Camera Grand Prix '95 Special Prize" in Japan.

In 1995 Ricoh introduced the Ricoh R1E for the export market, which lost the 24mm lens, but retained the original 30mm lens and panoramic shutters to "crop" the frame.


  • Lens: 30mm F3.5 / 24mm F8
  • Focus: Auto focus selection multi-object passive.
  • Finder: Viewfinder light flame
  • Shutter: 2s – 1/500 with self-timer
  • Film Speeds: ISO 50–3200
  • Power: 1×CR2
  • Size: 117×61×25mm (at the smallest section)
  • Weight: 145g without battery.