Ricoh GR1v

The Ricoh GR1v is a 35mm film autofocus compact camera, released in September 2001 by Ricoh. It replaced the GR1s as Ricoh's flagship luxury compact camera, offering a high-resolution GR lens 28mm F/2.8 and Aperture Priority AE.

The upgraded features compared to its predecessor include:

  • Manual ISO setting (DX override)
  • Auto bracket mode (+/- 1/2 EV)
  • Manual Focus Mode enhanced to add presets for 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, and infinity
Ricoh GR1v Major Specifications

35mm cartidge 135
DX compatible ISO 25 - 5000
Non-DX default to ISO 100
manual override in 1/3EV sridar

Image Size: 24 × 36mm

Ricoh GR lens 28mm F/2.8
7 elements in 4 groups
Multicoated aspherical elements


Passive multi-point autofocus (0.35m to infinity)
Auto auxillary AF light
3 point focus confirmation indication
AF mode, Manual focus mode, fixed focus mode

Finder: 0.43x optical viewfinder with brightlines, shutter speed, distance symbols, AF marks, parallax correction lines, exposure mode

Electronic shutter time 2s - 1 / 500s (max 1 / 250s in Aperture Priority)
10s countdown timer


Range: EV 2- 17 (at ISO 100)

Exposure Control: Program AE, Aperture Priority AE, Dual SPD photocell, auto flash


Slider switch On/Auto/Off
Red-eye reduction mode
5 sec. recycle time

Range 0.35 - 2.5m ISO 100 reversal film
Range 0.35 - 5.0m ISO 400 reversal film
Range 0.35 - 3.5m ISO 100 negative film
Range 0.35 - 7.0m ISO 400 negative film

Date: Y/M/D, M/D/Y, D/H/M (GR1V DATE model only)
Power: Single 3V lithium battery CR-2, 5 min auto off
Size: Dimensions: Height 117mm Width 61mm Depth 26.5mm (grip 34mm)
Mass: 178g without battery