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The Ricoh FF-3 AF was a 35mm autofocus compact camera from Ricoh, first released in 1982. It was followed in 1984 by the FF-3 AF Super model, which only featured cosmetic differences.


  • 35 mm f3.2 Rikenon lens, 5 elements, 5 groups.
  • Automatic center spot focus (1m to infinity), with pre-focus and focus lock on trigger half-press.
  • Programmed AE type electronic shutter, 1/8 - 1/500s.
  • Autoexposure with CDS photocell, coupling range EV6--EV17 (ASA 100).
  • Self-time with approx. 10s delay.
  • Albada type viewfinder with parallax correction marks, 0.46 magnification, field of view 84%.
  • Viewfinder indicates field of view frame, parallax frame, focus zone, flash assist warning and 3 focus range markers.
  • ISO 25-1000 set via manual slider.
  • Flash recharge time 7s. Flash is manual, but flash assist light is available. Flash range: 1m-4m @ISO100, 1m-7m @ISO400, 1.4m-10m @ISO1000.
  • Motorized film load/advance/rewind and automatic exposure counter.
  • Uses 2xAA batteries, allowing for approx. 100 rolls of 24 exposures without flash or 10x24 rolls with flash.
  • Dimensions: 130mm(L) x 70mm(H) x 41mm(D).
  • Weight 290g (without batteries).


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