The repro cameras are the largest available cameras. They are needed in offices for reproducing important documents with the best possible photographic accuracy. Maps, construction plans, scientific drawings, artworks, all documents which deserve the best reproduction quality. Many of the famous camera makers and lens makers were involved in the production of such cameras. Some of the modern digital repro cameras have no bellows, some are scanner cameras.

repro camera makers[]

  • Agfa
  • AIA (Academic Imaging Associates)
  • Brown
  • Cambo
  • DaiNippon Screen (or simply "DS")
  • Eskofot
  • Falz & Werner
  • Kaiser
  • Klimsch & Co.
  • Linhof
  • Metis
  • Mitsubishi
  • Pentacon
  • Robertson
  • Tarsia Technical Industries

related lens makers[]