Reise (ライゼ) was a Japanese camera maker of the 1950s. It made the Chiyoca and Chiyotax Leica copies, which later became the Alta.


The Reise company was founded by a former employee of Kōgaku Seiki (predecessor of Nicca), who worked under Kumagai Genji on the Nippon Leica copy.[1] Since the first half of the 1950s, it made the Chiyoca Leica-like cameras for Chiyoda Shōkai, a photo shop in Tokyo. It is supposed that Chiyoda provided financial backing to the small Reise company.[2]

In late 1954, the cameras were rebranded Chiyotax because the name Chiyoca was close to Chiyoko, used as a short name by the company Chiyoda Kōgaku Seikō, predecessor of Minolta. The Chiyotax camera line was discontinued in Summer 1957, perhaps because Chiyoda Shōkai withdrew its support, and the Reise company disappeared. Its manager, followed by a team of workers, was hired by the company Misuzu Kōgaku Kōgyō, and continued the production of the camera as the Alta.[3]

It seems that the Reise company was somewhat tied with Tanaka Kōgaku (maker of the Tanack), which reportedly distributed the police version of the Chiyoca, and later supplied Tanar 5cm f/2 lenses — rebadged Altanon — for the Alta. Tanaka was founded by another former employee of Kōgaku Seiki, and there were perhaps personal ties between the company's executives.


The company's full name perhaps varied with time. According to some sources, it was first "Reise Optical Institute" (presumably a translation for Reise Kōgaku Kenkyūjo, ライゼ光学研究所),[4] and later "Reise Camera Company, Ltd." (maybe for Reise Kamera K.K., ライゼカメラ㈱).[5] The name Reise–Kogaku appears on the Reise-Q.C 5cm f/3.5 lens made for the Chiyoca, and Reise Camera Company, Ltd. appears at the top of the late Chiyotax IIIF. In the September 1956 issue of Shashin Kōgyō, the maker of the Chiyotax appears as Reise Camera (ライゼカメラ),[6] but it is quoted as Reise Kōgaku (ライゼ光学) in the October issue.[7]

The names "Chiyoca Camera Company, Ltd." and "Chiyotax Camera Company, Ltd." found on the top covers of Chiyoca and Chiyotax cameras are presumably dummy names, hiding the actual name of the manufacturing workshop.

The Lena-Q.C 5cm f/3.5 lens, ostensibly made by a Lena Kōgaku, is exactly identical to the Reise-Q.C lens, and was certainly made by Reise, "Lena Kogaku" being perhaps another dummy name.


No viewfinder:

Viewfinder only:


Rangefinder and slow speeds:


The Reise TLR frame (ライゼレフフレーム) is an internal baffle for 6×6cm TLR cameras, made of a bellows and a metal frame. It was sold in 1955 by Chiyoda Shōkai,[8] and its name likely indicates that it was made by the Reise company. It can be installed inside any TLR camera patterned after the Rolleiflex or Rolleicord, but does not fit the geared lens Ricohflex or similar cameras with removable exposure chamber.


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