Regula Super[]

The Regula Super is a 35mm rangefinder camera with built-in uncoupled light meter and interchangeable lenses, built by King for their Regula range, from 1959. The viewfinder has bright lines for 90, 50 and 135mm lenses, selectable by a switch on the top plate.

The aperture and speed rings are on the body; the Quinon lens has mechanically-moved depth-of-field pointers, and a green ring graduated in flash guide numbers, this is set against a film speed scale and allows reading off of apertures along the distance ring. The match-needle Bewi meter produces an Exposure Value, which can be set on the aperture ring, which is then coupled to the shutter ring. The lenses use a bayonet mount, which has the coupling to link the aperture ring to the diaphragm.

  • Shutter: Prontor-SVS 1s-1/300th (1/500th on later models) with X/M flash sync, selected by a switch which also selects the self-timer (V)
  • Lenses:[1]
    • Ultra-Lithagon 28mm f3.5
    • Isco Color-Westron 35mm f3.5
    • Isco Color-Westanar 50mm f2.8
    • Enna Ennit 50mm f2.8
    • Steinheil Culminar 50mm f2.8
    • Isco Color-Westagon 50mm f1.9
    • Steinheil Regula-Quinon 50mm f1.9
    • Isco Color-Westanar 90mm f3.5
    • Isco Color-Westanar 135mm f3.5


Regula Super Automatic[]

A similar rangefinder camera to the Regula Super, but with coupled light meter. Made by King as part of the Regula range, introduced in 1959. Prontor-SLK shutter.


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