The Regula II was a 35mm viewfinder camera made at Bad Liebenzell in the Black Forest by King KG, in the early 1950's as a part of their King Regula brand.

Construction[edit | edit source]

The construction of the camera is mostly anodised aluminium, the only plastic parts are holder for the film cassette, and the film take-up. The film is advanced with a knob on the top of the camera. The film is rewound with an identical knob on the other side, you need to move the R-> switch on the back of the camera before doing this. The film counter will only count when there is film in the camera, this is via a toothed wheel that sits in the film perforations; it is also connected to the shutter and will prevent the shutter from firing until the counter has increased by one.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

The camera has no light meter or ability to set the film speed. The lens section is only connected to the body by one screw just inside the body. The lens is fairly typical, 50mm and goes from f/3.5 through to f/22, though the depth of field ring only shows up to f/16. Shutter speeds are in the one second to 1/300th second range with a bulb setting. The shutter also has a self timer lever for about 8 seconds. There are flash synchronization points on the top of the lens housing; considering the age of the camera it's probably only for a flashbulb.

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