Recesky 35mm DIY TLR

The Recesky TLR Camera is a DIY Toy camera manufactured in China.

The Recesky is similar to the Gakkenflex TLR camera. Comparisons of specifications, materials, and parts used in these two cameras hint at their close relationship. Visual differences from the Gakkenflex include wider physical dimensions, rewind crank on the same side as wind crank, and lack of sports finder[1].

Specifications[edit | edit source]

  • Frame size: 24x36mm
  • Lens: 50mm single plastic element (meniscus and biconvex have been reported)
  • Aperture: f/11 (f/5.6 by removing aperture disc)
  • Focus range: 40cm to inf.[2]
  • Shutter: 1/125 leaf shutter (no bulb mode)
  • Shutter release: lever on front of camera
  • Body: black ABS plastic (red, orange, yellow, blue, white, black, and pink front plates are made)
  • Tripod attachment: 1/4", left side (requires L-bracket or ballhead to mount upright)
  • Strap lugs: 1/4"
  • Filter: none
  • No flash sync
  • No cable release

The Recesky uses 35mm film, producing full-frame 35mm portrait exposures. Inexpensive plastic lenses are used both for the photographing and focusing lens: both meniscus and biconvex lenses have been reported in various kits. The aperture can be varied from f/11 to f/5.6 by inserting or removing a plastic piece between the lens and its bracket.

The single shutter speed is approximately 1/125 (though this can vary between 1/50 and 1/250 depending on production tolerances and construction). Long exposures can be made by pushing the shutter lever down and releasing it slowly to the point before it clicks back to closed position, though this requires practice and may not be possible on all cameras (again, depending on tolerances and construction).

The Recesky has no frame counter. Instead, it has a film-advance and framing indicator wheel. This wheel is attached to the counting sprocket, and indicates when a full frame (8 sprocket holes) has been advanced.

Multiple exposures are possible with the Recesky, since the shutter and film advance are uncoupled from each other.

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