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RBT-Raumbildtechnik GmbH is a German company making stereo versions of existing cameras as well as accessories for stereo-photography.

Camera list[]

35mm stereo reflex[]

  • RBT X2 (based on the Ricoh KR 10M)
  • RBT X2II (based on the Ricoh XR-X3000)
  • RBT X3 (based on the Ricoh XR-X 3PF)
  • RBT X4 (based on the Cosina C1)
  • RBT X5 (based on the Nikon FM10)
  • RBT Y108 (based on the Yashica 108 MP)
  • RBT Y109 (based on the Yashica 109 MP)

35mm stereo view or rangefinder[]


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