For a list of pseudo TLR cameras, see the Category: Pseudo TLR.

A pseudo TLR is a camera imitating the shape of a TLR, but with no coupling of the taking and viewing lens. The finder is not a true reflex finder with a ground glass indicating the focus, but an oversized brilliant finder. It is a camera with guess focusing, or fixed-focus.

The pseudo TLR vogue was around the 1950s and 1960s, when the Rolleiflex was the typical pro camera. They were produced by many manufacturers in Italy (e.g. Ferrania Elioflex), the US (e.g. Kodak Duaflex), Germany (e.g. most Voigtländer Brillant models), France (eg Olbia), and the United Kingdom (e.g. Ensign Ful-Vue).

Later, the pseudo SLR toy cameras used the same kind of trick, but were usually worse.