Photo Porst was a German distributor and retailer of many brands of cameras. It was founded in 1919 by Hans Porst in Nuremberg, Germany. For many years Porst bought cameras from other manufacturers, among them Adox, Agfa, Balda, Braun, Dacora, and Franka, and rebadged them. In the early years, it used the Hapo brand, an acronym of Hans Porst, from the 1930s to the end of the 1950s. Later on, the house brand cameras appeared under the PORST name, e.g. PORST compact reflex or PORST 135 BS. The Carena brand arrived in 1960 as the name of a movie camera made for Porst by Büro-und Rechenmaschinenfabik in Liechtenstein. It came to be used more widely by Porst as an brand name for a variety of cameras. The Carena brand was sold to the Swiss company Interdiscount in the 1970‘s for use by it‘s own camera retail business. In 1982 Interdiscount bought a majority shareholding in Porst, effectively reuniting the Carena and Porst brands. Interdiscount’s interest in Porst was later sold to the Belgian company Spector NV. Interdiscount still sell some Carena branded photo products. A lot of these later house-brand cameras were produced by Cosina, but also by Balda, Franka, Fuji, Mamiya, Taron, and Yashica.

By 1996, the Porst chain of camera stores was Germany's largest photographic retailer[1], and in that year it was purchased by a Belgian investment group. In 2001, ownership was transferred to Pixelnet. The following year, the company became insolvent and the rights to the name Porst were sold to the German group Ringfoto.[2]

120 folder[]

127 rigid[]

35mm rigid[]


126 film[]

  • Porst Automatic 500 (=Braun Automatic 300)
  • Porst Automatic 501
  • Porst Automatic 503 (=Dacora Instacora)
  • Porst Automatic 504
  • Porst Automatic 505
  • Porst Feria 2000
  • Porst Instapak 50
  • Porst Instapak 100
  • Porst Lucky
  • Porst Photopak 50 (Inda FÉX)
  • Porst Photopak 100 (=FEX-MATIC Cube)
  • Porst Photopak 200
  • Porst Photopak 220
  • Porst Photopak 300
  • Porst Photopak 320
  • Porst Photopak 400

Disc film

  • Porst Disc 30
  • Porst Disc 60

110 film


  • Porst EX 55 ELECTRONIC mini-star (=Yashica Atoron Electro)
  • Porst KX 50


  • Porst Magic 500


  • another large range of cameras branded carena was sold by Porst and Interdiscount (see above)




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