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A handheld folding instant camera, compatible with a large array of peel-apart instant films, including: type 84, 85, 88, 89, 664, 665, 667, 679, 669, and 690.

  • Self-erecting bellows struts; bed becomes front cover when not in use.
  • Rigid, non-parallax corrected viewfinder; no rangefinder. Viewfinder does have projected framelines, however.
  • Front-cell focusing, with distance scale on lens ring.
  • "Everset" electronic shutter; does not need re-cocking before next exposure; shutter speed range is about 10 seconds - 1/500 sec.
  • Automatic exposure system similar to the "original style" pack cameras.
  • Can use either standard rectangular format OR square format pack films-- viewfinder has masks for both film formats, but does not indicate which format is in use.
  • Has plastic body with tripod socket; also has cable release socket.
  • Lens: 114mm, f/9.2 3-element plastic.
  • Has film speed settings for 80 and 3000 ASA films; also has "3000ER" setting for using 3000 speed films at full aperture rather than f/58 or so.
  • Built-in flashcube socket for flash.
  • Has sync contacts for electronic flash; the bracket for the optional electronic flash automatically mates to these contacts when attached to the camera. Sync connection is proprietary, and designed for use only with the ProFlash electronic flash.
  • The '3000ER' setting appears to be something around f/11 rather than full aperture.
  • Has electronic digital development timer (but doesn't automatically start when you pull the tab as with the electronic timers on some 300/400 series cameras)


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