The One Step Flash was the first model in the second wave of Polaroid's 600-series. It added an integral flash to the basic design of the square-cornered Polaroid OneStep 600. Initially, there was no close-up lens. The typical slider for darken/lighten exposure correction (Polaroid's Light Management System) is present.


  • Lens: 106mm, f/14.6 to f/45, Single-element plastic (?)
  • Fixed focus (sharpest at 4-5 feet).
  • Shutter: electronic; automatic speed between 1/3-1/200 sec.
  • Integral auto flash that works in low light (forcing off is possible using the dedicated flash-override button).

Functionally equivalent modelsEdit

Originally available in grey and black with the trademark rainbow stripe, international variants in other colours were also available. Some featured additional promotional branding.

  • Polaroid 600 (Red & black)
  • Polaroid 640 (SE) (Black, with blue or red shutter button)
  • Polaroid Camel (Yellow & black, 'Camel' logo, red shutter button)
  • Polaroid Coca-Cola (Promotional item in red, with drinks company logo)
  • Polaroid CoolCam (Pink & yellow on black)
  • Polaroid CoolCam 600 (Pink on grey; red on black)
  • Polaroid Lightmixer 630 (SL) (Silver on black, 'LM Program')
  • Polaroid Magical Camera (Red on black, cartoon characters and flowers)
  • Polaroid Revue 640 (Grey on black)
  • Polaroid Spirit 600 (Grey on black; 'Light Management System' or 'LM Program'. Also available with 'Amtrak', 'Fuji TV' (in Kanji) logo on back.)
  • Polaroid Spirit 600 Amoco/CertainTeed/HBO Video/Norton/Pepsi/Tokyo Digital Phone (Blue on black with 'Amoco - Customer First', 'CertainTeed', 'HBO Video', 'Norton - Let's talk shop', 'Pepsi', 'Tokyo Digital Phone' logos)
  • Polaroid Spirit 600 Mary Kay (Pink on black, with 'Mary Kay' logo)
  • Polaroid Spirit 600 Ultra Slimfast/Team Campbell (Red on black with 'Ultra Slimfast - Lose weight, stay slim and feel great' or 'Team Campbell' logos)
  • Polaroid Sun 600 LMS ('Light Management System', grey on black like One Step Flash. May feature 'Modified by Laminex' or 'US Bicentenary' logo)
  • Polaroid Sun 600 SE (as above, may have 'Polaroid 50' logo)
  • Polaroid Sun 630 LMP ('LM Program', otherwise as above)
  • Polaroid Sun 635 QS ('QS Program', otherwise as above)
  • Polaroid Sun 635 SE (red on black, 'QS Program)
  • Polaroid Sun 640 (black with red button)
  • Polaroid SuperColor Esprit (available in multiple colour schemes)
  • Polaroid Supercolor (SE) 635 (multiple colours and logos e.g. ACT)
  • Polaroid Supercolor 635 SE/SL (like standard 635)
  • Polaroid Supercolor 645 (black and red, like 635)
  • Polaroid SuperColors (red and black, with or without AVIA logo; blue and black; yellow & black)
  • Polaroid Tomy Kodomo (Pale blue, yellow and pink. No Polaroid logo)
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