One of many models of rigid, plastic bodied, colour packfilm cameras Polaroid produced in the 60s and 70s at consumer-range prices, the Colorpack is designed only for the (now discontinued) 80-series packfilm.

Focusing is carried out by turning the distance-marked front lens element; unlike the original folding Polaroid 100-400 series packfilm cameras, the rigid-body models series features no rangefinder mechanism. As an improvement over the original folding series however, there is no need to cock the shutter after each exposure. The Electric Zip also takes generic 'blue dot' flashcubes, with a wind-up hot shoe - though it lacks the small plastic diffuser featured on many similar models (such as the Polaroid Colorpack 2). As an improvement over some other models (again, such as the the Colorpack 2) the Electric Zip featured film rollers rather than spreader bars, giving more reliable development.

The Electric Zip came in a range of colors, and was produced from 1975 to 1978 at an RRP of $21.95.