Polaroid Colorpack by Ryan Warner

Polaroid Colorpack

Polaroid Colorpack 3 by Ryan Warner

Polaroid Colorpack

The Polaroid Colorpack II was a rigid plastic bodied instant camera that was made between 1969-1972. It was a big seller thanks to its low price (under $30 at time of introduction) and colour film capabilities. Early production models featured a coated glass lens that was slightly smaller in diameter than the plastic version.


  • Film type: Peel-apart 100-Series Land Pack Films (discontinued), Fujifilm FP-100C (also now discontinued) or ONE INSTANT film.
  • Lens: 114mm, f/9.2 3-element coated glass or uncoated plastic.
  • Shutter: Electronic; range about 10s-1/500s
  • Automatic exposure system similar to the folding pack cameras.
  • Accepts flashcubes such as Phillips PFC 4 which automatically rotate after each exposure
  • ISO 75 for colour prints, 3000 for black and white.
  • Settings for 75 and 3000 speed films. (fixed aperture for each)
  • Manual focus from 3 feet to infinity.
  • Viewfinder contains a red square to show where the head in a portrait at 5 feet should appear.
  • Has metal "spreader bars" instead of rollers.
  • Body is dark brown-green in colour, with usually a cyan stripe on the front.
  • Neck strap.
  • Cold clip.
  • Shutter requires two standard 1.5V AA batteries.