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Remarque: Verser Appareils Polaroid Utilisant integrante film de 600, voir ICI .☃☃ ↵The Polaroid 600 et Polaroid 600 SE Sont Les "phare" de Caméras Associations professionnelles de Polaroid Gamme S ', la base sur le Mamiya Press et l'utilisation Mamiya lentilles Qui produisent images.↵ très croquante La difference between le 600 et le 600 SE is that the 600 a non Objectif fixe 127mm Mamiya, TANDIS Que Le 600 SE un lenses.↵It interchangeables is Entièrement manuel, très solidement et Construit Assez grande, Fait non Trépied Vient solide certainement utile. Il Peut Prendre de belles photographies. Le SE 600 is Livré avec lentille juin de 127 mm en standard, Mais Prend Deux Autres Objectifs en option "portrait" de l'ONU (150mm) et de l'ONU "grand angle" (75mm) lentilles. IL SE adresse à Dos de films amovibles / échangeables et non d'adaptateur, Mamiya 120 Dos de films PEUVENT Utilise also être Des .


  • Variable aperture and shutter settings: Enables better stop- action and depth-of-field
  • Bright-image coincidence type rangefinder: Ensures sharp focus and accurate framing
  • Sturdy handgrip with adjustable handstrap: Simplifies handling and operation
  • Comes with standard Mamiya 127mm f/4.7 lens ~ produces incredible crisp, full-range images
  • Other coated, color-corrected lenses available (600 SE - see below)


  • Shutter: 1/500-B with X-synch for flash
  • Flash: Uses conventional flash with X-synch
  • Interchangeable backs for flexibility
  • Diecast aluminum body (super sturdy)

600 SE lens options

Normal lens: 127mm (f/4.7) bayonet Wide-angle lens: 75mm (f/5.6) bayonet[1] Portrait lens: 150mm (f/5.6) bayonet

600 SE film options

This camera uses all Polaroid 3 ¼ × 4 ¼ instant pack films, including: 669 and 690 film (color prints); 664 and 667 film (B&W prints). (Note: Polaroid film has been discontinued.). Even though Polaroid films are no longer available, the you can purchase them from The Impossible Project, and through Fujifilm. Fulji FP-100c and Fp-3000b both work in this camera.

With the appropriate back adapters and backs it can also shoot 4 × 5 Polaroid Instant film as well as 120 format film.


  1. There are reports that the cells will screw right into any Copal 0 shutter and just darken the corners on 4X5.


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