Japanese plate SLR cameras (edit)
atom (4.5×6cm) Simplex Reflex | Speed Reflex
meishi (5.5×8cm) Speed Reflex
daimeishi (6.5×9cm) Convex Reflex | Hogo Reflex | Idea Reflex (1932) | Neat Reflex | Simplex Reflex | Speed Reflex
tefuda (8×10.5cm) Idea Reflex (1910 and 1911) | Idea Reflex (1932) | Neat Reflex | Photo Deluxe Reflex | Speed Reflex
nimaigake (8×12cm) Idea Reflex (1910 and 1911) | Sakura Reflex Prano
kabine (12×16.5cm) Idea Reflex (1910 and 1911)
daikabine (13×18cm) Guaranteed Reflex
unknown Hardflex | Leinflex | Photoman Special Reflex
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The Photoman Special Reflex (フオトマンスペシャルレフレックス) is a large format SLR sold in Japan in 1925. It is briefly mentioned in an advertisement for the Speed Reflex placed by Saneidō in the September 1925 issue of Asahi Camera, where the price is given as ¥125.[1] It is unclear if the camera is related to the Speed Reflex or not, and if the camera was made in Japan or was an imported model. No other mention of the Photoman Special Reflex has been found so far.


  1. Advertisement reproduced in Baird, p.40.