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The Photo Deluxe (ホトデルックス) or Photo Deluxe Reflex (ホトデルックスレフレックス)[1] is a Japanese SLR camera taking tefuda (8×10.5cm) plates, sold by Fuyōdō in 1929.


The Photo Deluxe Reflex has a boxy shape, inspired by English SLR models such as the Thornton-Pickard Ruby Reflex or the Marion Soho Reflex. The front standard is mounted on a rack-and-pinion device, probably driven by a knob on the photographer's left; it allows vertical movements controlled by a lever actuated by the photographer's right hand. The lens is recessed inside the front standard and is protected by a flap hinged at the top. The bellows has double extension, allowing to take close-up pictures or to mount long focal lenses.[2] The main body has a large viewing hood hinged at the front. There is a focal plane shutter on the rear, wound by a knob and controlled by a concentric disc. It seems that the model name PHOTO DELUXE and the format ¼ PLATE are inscribed below the winding knob, and other controls are visible on the same side, including a small T and I switch (for Time and Instant). The camera has a special mirror mechanism, supposed to minimize the vibrations.[3] The back is revolving, allowing to take horizontal and vertical pictures, and takes double-sided plate holders.[4]


The Photo Deluxe Reflex was advertised in the July to September 1929 issues of Asahi Camera, together with the Rubies plate folder. No price was indicated.


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The Photo Deluxe Reflex is not listed in Sugiyama.

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