PhaseOne is a Danish maker of digital camera backs. It also offers a camera which is optimized for use with its newest backs. PhaseOne works closely together with sensor makers like Dalsa.


Digital Cameras[]

Digital Backs[]

P+ Series[]

The P+ series are similar to the normal P series but have higher capture speeds, better response to long exposure times, and add LiveView which allows the user to focus and compose on a monitor while tethered.

  • P20+: 16 MP
  • P25+: 22 MP
  • P21+: 18 MP
  • P30+: 31.6 MP
  • P45+: 39 MP
  • P65+: 60.5 MP, introduced on Photokina 2008

P Series[]

The P-series are fully untethered backs available for many different camera mounts.

  • P20: 16 MP
  • P25: 22 MP
  • P21: 18 MP, introduced May 2006.
  • P30: 31.6 MP, introduced in November 2005.
  • P45: 39 MP, introduced in December 2005.

H Series[]

The h-series are tethered backs available for many different camera mounts, and a computer is needed to operate them.

  • H5: 6 MP
  • H10: 11 MP
  • H20: 16 MP
  • H25: 22 MP

PowerPhase Series[]

The PowerPhase series are tethered digital scan backs.

  • PhotoPhase: 5,000 pixels x 7,200 steps (36 MP equivalent).
  • PowerPhase: 7,000 pixels x 7,000 steps (49 MP equivalent).
  • PowerPhase FX+: 10,500 pixels x 12,600 steps (132 MP equivalent).


Software for one-shot camera backs and 35mm DSLR cameras.

  • Capture One
    • Capture One PRO
    • Capture One LE
    • Capture One DB
  • Portrait One

Software for scan backs.

  • Image Capture