The Computor 35 was a 35mm rangefinder camera made in Japan by Petri. It had automatic exposure via a CdS cell mounted on the front of the lens (inside the filter thread) and electronically-controlled shutter, with red & green LEDs on top of the camera indicating slow (<1/30s) or fast enough speed selection. There was a coupled rangefinder operated by the focussing ring with a lever attached (shown in the picture, to the right of the lens). The film speed was set by a ring at the front of the lens between 25 - 800 ASA.

The lens was labelled C.C. Petri 1:2.8 f=40mm, stopping down to f22. The later Computor II had an f1.7 lens. The shutter ran from 1/250 through to least 10 secondssource needed. The body was available in black or silver.

The Computor III had a 38mm / f2.7 lens, and moved the ASA settings inside the filter thread.


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