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The Petri 7s was introduced by Petri in 1963 as a variant of the Petri 7 which was introduced in 1961. The main difference being an improved film advance lever and frame counter. It took 35mm film, had a coupled rangefinder, and an around-the-lens selenium cell light meter. Production ended in 1973.

Compared to its predecessor, the 7s is very advanced. It has ATL (around the lens) selenium metering with a match-needle visible both in the viewfinder as well as the top of the camera. From the 7s came the compact Petri Color 35, which was wildly popular when released in 1968

The 7s was available with either a 45mm f1.8 or f2.8 lens. The shutter had speeds up to 1/500, and the viewfinder used Petri's Green-o-Matic system.

Camera Name Petri 7s
Manufacturer Petri Camera Company
Place of Manufacture


Date of Manufacture 1963~1976
Focusing System

Fully coupled rangefinder
2.65' ~ infinity


45mm f/2.8 (4 elements in 3 groups?)
52mm filter thread mount

45mm f/1.8 (6 elements?)
52mm filter thread mount

Petri MVE leaf (in-lens) shutter
1 - 1/500 + B + self-timer

Metering System

Around the lens (ATL) selenium manual metering cell




"Cold" flash shoe
PC external flash connection
Flash type selector: M - X

Film type / speeds

Standard 135 (35mm) film

Battery type n/a
Dimensions and weight

132 x 79 x 72mm xxxg

132 x 79 x 72mm 635g
Retail price $59.50 (1963) ¥18500 (1965)
$79.50 (1963)

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