The Perlux was a product of Neidig, a company founded 3 years after WWII in the U.S.-zone of defeated Germany. It is a 35mm film fixed-lens camera with a characteristic telescopic viewfinder on top. On top also two equal knobs, one for film advance, and the other for film rewind. Further camera top features are the rewind unlock button, the resetable exposure counter, the little film advance lock/unlock pin, and the shutter release button. The camera body fits several contemporary shutter/lens sets. The export variant Bower 35 shown in the images has a Steinheil Cassar 1:2.8 f=45mm lens and a Prontor-S shutter, the whole set fully featured with focusable front lens element, time settings from 1 sec. to 1/300 sec. plus B setting, a ten-blade iris, stoppable down to f16, a remote-cable thread and a self-timer. The camera is a handsome solid metal construction, sides and bottom covered with leatherette. The camera is marked "Made in Germany" inside, and "U.S.-Zone Germany" on the back's leatherette.

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