There is also a Bakelite Perfekta 6x6 viewfinder camera made by VEB Rheinmetall.

The Perfekta TLR was made by Welta in 1934. It was the successor of the Superfekta. It has a peculiar folding design to make it fit into a vest pocket. It takes twelve 6×6 pictures on 120 film. Folding TLRs were a great innovation, but proved to be a dead end in camera development. This was because they're rather expensive to produce and the bulky viewfinder will not fold with the rest of the camera.


The Perfekta is found with a pair Meyer Trioplan 75/3.5, Xenar or Tessar 75/3.8 lenses. The shutter is a Compur B, 1 to 1/300s, or a Compur Rapid with speeds 1-1/500sec. plu B and T mode. Despite of its folding design it has TLR specific parts like the big waist level finder with ground glass. It has also an exposure counter.


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