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Owla Kōki K.K. (アウラ光機㈱) was probably a Japanese camera maker. The Owla Stereo, made from 1956 to the early 1960s, is attributed to this company in various sources.[1] This camera was first announced and advertised in 1956 as the Stereo Sankei by Sankei Kōki K.K. (サンケイ光機㈱),[2] perhaps the earlier name of Owla Kōki. It is not known if Sankei Kōki is related to the magazine Sankei Camera, in which appears the advertisement for the Stereo Sankei. One source attributes the camera to "A.O. Kōkensha" (エーオー光研社), for an unknown reason.[3]

Lenses called Owla are also known on cameras made by Toyohashi Tougodo, for example the Stereo Hit. They were perhaps made by the Owla company.


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