The Quickmatic series were the only Olympus cameras to use 126 film.

The Quickmatic EE S was a simple viewfinder camera with a hot shoe and a selenium meter driving a programmed exposure (Electric Eye or EE). The meter window was around the lens. There were two variants, one with a Zuiko 36mm f:2.8 lens, the other with a Zuiko 36mm f:3.5 lens.

The Quickmatic EE M was a similar camera with motorized advance and a socket for flash cubes instead of the hot shoe. It only existed with the 4 element Zuiko 36mm f:2.8 lens.

The Quickmatic 600 was another simple viewfinder camera, with a socket for flash cubes and a CdS meter driving a programmed exposure. The lens was a 5 element Zuiko 38mm f:2.8. Two variations existed with different locations for the release button.