There was an extensive range of lenses sold for the Olympus Pen F series.

Please note that because the body is for half-frame format, the angle of view is not the same as for full-frame lenses, for example a 38mm lens is here considered as a standard lens, roughly equivalent to a usual 50mm.

Most lenses existed in two versions, one for the Pen F and one for the Pen FT on which a scale of numbers was added underside the diaphragm ring, used to operate the uncoupled exposure meter.

The lenses are listed below:

  • 20/3.5
  • 25/2.8
  • 25/4
  • 38/1.8, normal lens
  • 38/2.8, made in very small numbers at the beginning of the Pen F production
  • 38/2.8 Pancake, usually sold with the black models
  • 38/3.5 Macro
  • 40/1.4, normal lens
  • 42/1.2, ultra luminous normal lens
  • 60/1.5
  • 70/2
  • 100/3.5, common
  • 150/4, common
  • 250/5, rare
  • 400/6.3, rare
  • 800/8 Mirror, rare
  • 50–90/3.5
  • 100–200/5

At least one example of a Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 54mm f/2 is known in Pen F mount.[1] It has a black and chrome finish, quite similar to the Olympus lenses. It seems that the lens was a genuine prototype by Carl Zeiss Jena, but this is not known for sure.


Olympus made adapters to mount other lenses on the Pen F bodies. They were for:


  1. This page by Frank Mechelhoff.


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