The Olympus Pen F system comprised the bodies, the lenses and some accessories.

  • CdS external exposure meter for the Pen F and Pen FV meterless bodies
  • accessory shoes to attach to the viewer, two variants. Beware: you should always remove the flash unit and flash shoe together from the body, and never remove the flash unit alone by sliding it back, the plastic part of the finder onto which the shoe attaches is fragile and easily broken.
  • magnesium Pen flash unit
  • filters
  • finder loupe
  • angle finder
  • angle finder with loupe
  • correcting lenses for the finder
  • extension tubes for macro work, in one set with a front and rear mount and two intermediate tubes, allowing various combinations
  • reverting ring, in a set with a filter ring to adapt to the bayonet of the inverted lens
  • bellows unit
  • sliding rails
  • slide copier
  • reproduction stand
  • folding repro stand called the Pen Up-3
  • microscope adapter
  • enlarging lens special for the 18×24mm negatives
  • slide projector

A motor drive was announced but apparently never sold.

The lens adapters are discussed in the lenses section.

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